Caramel ice cream recipes

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Trying a traditional caramel ice cream recipe at home is a must because it is very easy, and also caramel goes well with a lot of flavors. This allows you to give you own unique twist to the classic recipe. Because of this reason, you will find tons of ice cream brands/manufacturers coming up with so many different concoctions for all caramel ice cream lovers. But why buy when you can make them at home?


Homemade caramel ice cream recipes

If you think that you only have to rely on them to get your caramel fix then, think again! To satisfy you sweet tooth, here 4 different caramel ice cream recipes and also different toppings that you can try with caramel ice cream are mentioned next for you

Classic caramel ice cream recipe

Warm 350ml of milk (full-cream) and pour it over 8 whisked egg yolk. Combine this mixture and keep aside. To make the caramel, add 250g of caster sugar in a deep pan with 2 table spoons of water and dissolve the sugar over low heat. When the sugar gets dissolved, increase the heat to medium and wait for the mixture to turn into a rich golden color. You can add a bit of vanilla extract to enhance the flavor now.

After that add 300ml thick cream and stir over low heat to make a smooth liquid. Then add the egg mixture and combine. Now all that you need to do is add this liquid in an ice cream churner, follow it’s instructions after that, and your caramel ice cream will be ready.

Caramel apple ice cream recipe

finely chop up an apple and cook it in two tablespoons of butter for 10-15minutes after that add 1 cup of apple cider and teaspoon of apple pie spice. Simmer the mixture for 20minutes. After that, follow the recipe for classic caramel ice cream given here. When the time will come to add the cream and egg mixture to the caramel, do add this apple and cider mixture to it. After that, follow the recipe as it is.

Caramel coffee ice cream recipe

This one is very simple. All you have to do is again follow the same recipe of the classic caramel ice cream provided here. To add the kick of the coffee, when you will be warming the milk in the first step, do add a shot of espresso or 2 tablespoon of instant coffee powder and that is it.

Salted caramel ice cream recipe

To make salted caramel flavor ice cream all you need to do is follow the recipe for classic caramel ice cream mentioned here exactly. The step that will transform it from a classic/traditional flavor to salted caramel will come after you make the caramel. After making the caramel, along with vanilla extract you need to add one teaspoon of flaky sea salt and mix well. Then follow the recipes as it is to make an amazing salted caramel ice cream.

Caramel ice cream topping recipe

To take these four recipes or a store-bought plain caramel ice cream to the next level you can add different toppings. And, the toppings that you should try are- popcorns, bananas, cherries, free-dried strawberries, preserved plums, cocoa nibs, chocolate sprinkles, macadamia nuts, pistachios, candied walnut, pecan, crushed gingersnaps and anything else that goes well with caramel.

So, these were just some of the caramel ice cream recipes that you need to try at home.

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