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Summer is here; yet another legit excuse to eat all the ice cream you want. But if you are someone who thinks twice before eating ice cream, then you must be gluten sensitive. This is not just you, in fact, anyone who is gluten sensitive often wonders- is ice cream gluten free? So, do you want to know that answer? If yes, then read on as everything you wanted to know about gluten free ice cream has been discussed here.


Does ice cream have gluten?

There is a good news and a bad news for the ice cream lover in you. The sad truth is that ice cream cannot be considered as gluten free. But, the good news is that not all ice cream has gluten in it. This bit of information must raise a lot of questions in your mind. So, to help you understand better, here are some answers to the frequently asked questions a gluten sensitive person has after finding out that there can be gluten in his/her favorite ice cream brand/flavor:

Q1: Why some ice creams have gluten?

The thing is there are some flavors of ice cream that calls for flour. All-time favorite flavors like cookie dough, cookies and cream, cake batter and cheesecake may have flour in it as usually you need flour to get these flavors right. Besides, some brands or café/ice cream parlor are known for using a bit of flour to thicken the ice cream mixture. Here it should be mentioned that basic flavors like the classic vanilla, chocolate, strawberry and such others usually are gluten free.

Q2: How to tell if an ice cream is gluten free or not?

If you are buying a pack that doesn’t say it is gluten free, then it will be best to read the label before purchasing. Read carefully all the ingredients and you will know if there is flour or not. And, in case of an ice cream parlor, you can ask the staff if it has gluten or not or what are the ingredients used to make the ice cream you will be ordering.

Q3: Is it safe to have ice cream from all café/parlor?

Restaurant/café/ice cream parlor owners are familiar with the problems a gluten sensitive person will have if he/she is given ice cream that is not gluten free. So, nowadays almost everyone has gluten free options along with the regular options. But, if they use the same utensils to keep and/or serve the ice cream then there is a high chance of cross-contamination. So, ask/read what steps they take to eliminate cross-contamination before ordering.

Q4: Where to find ice cream that is gluten free?

Thankfully, there are many gluten free ice cream brands that are known for coming up with classic as well as unique ice cream flavors that are out of this world. There are plenty of lists (regularly updated) mentioning all brands selling gluten free option on the web, so search online to know them all.

Q5: Can you have gluten free ice cream cake?

As long as the ingredients do not contain any thing that has gluten, you can have that ice cream cake for sure.

Now you know is there gluten in ice cream or not. So, choose the gluten free ice cream flavor you want and enjoy it!

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