How do you make homemade ice cream

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Almost everyone loves ice cream, but what a lot of people don’t realize is that it’s extremely easy to make. You don’t need any fancy equipment to enjoy delicious homemade icecream. In fact, you don’t even need that much time, as the recipe I’m about to share will take less than 15 minutes!

At the end, you’ll have a rich, velvety and indulgent vanilla ice cream; the perfect thing to enjoy with a slice of apple pie, or to impress your friends with at the end of a dinner party.


In order to make an ice cream, you usually need to use a machine. If you don’t keep the mixture moving while it freezes, ice crystals form inside and give ice cream a gritty texture when you eat it. You’ve probably experienced this texture when you’ve re-frozen a carton of ice cream that has thawed; it’s about a million miles away from the smooth texture it should have.

The Secret That Makes This Easy and Quick

The secret to easy ice cream is simply to follow a traditional custard recipe that requires no stirring. To do that, we simply need to use heavy cream in the mixture, and no milk. That way, we can simply throw the mixture in the freezer to set. That means no more stirring, and no more fuss!

For this recipe you’ll need just 4 ingredients: 2 cups of heavy cream, 1.75oz of granulated sugar, 2 egg yolks, and 1 vanilla pod.

The Recipe

The first step is to slice the vanilla pod lengthways on a plate, and scrape out the seeds inside with a spoon handle. You’ll need to put the seeds to one side on a plate, as we’ll need them later.

Next, take the pods and throw them into a pan, along with the cream and sugar.

Place the pan over a medium heat, and sir the mixture while it heats up. Once it reaches the boil, turn down the heat and whisk together the egg yolks in a bowl.

Gradually empty the blend into to the bowl with the egg yolks. Add the seeds and keep on racing until the blend is spotted with vanilla seeds. Fish out the vanilla units, and exchange the blend to a freezer confirmation bowl.

You can substitute sherbet or sorbet for the ice cream for a nice variety.

1 (10-inch) holy messenger sustenance cake

1/2 gallon any flavor ice cream


Give ice a chance to cream sit on the counter for a moment until it mollifies enough where you can spread it effortlessly (don’t give it a chance to melt).

Maneuver heavenly attendant nourishment cake into 2-inch lumps. Layer the cake lumps on the base of a 9-inch or 10-inch tube container. With a substantial knife, spread a layer of the mollified ice cream over the cake pieces. Include another layer of cake top of the ice cream. Continue rehashing the layers until you’ve spent all the cake and ice cream.

Put the cake into the freezer and stop for 2 to three hours. Before serving, painstakingly expel the cake from the skillet and spot on a serving dish. Top with your most loved sundae sauce.

Ice Cream Cake Recipe: Ice Cream Sandwich Cake Recipe

A delightful and truly simple to make icecream sandwich dessert formula. For a little assortment, attempt caramel ice cream topping rather than, or notwithstanding, the chocolate topping. Extra enhancements – nuts, sweet sprinkles and maraschino fruits

16 – 24 ice cream sandwiches

1 (16 oz.) compartment solidified whipped besting

1 (12 oz.) jug chocolate hot fudge topping

1 (1.5 oz.) chocolate piece of candy, ground

In a 9 x 13-inch heating dish, put half of the ice cream bars on the base of the dish, one next to the other. Spread portion of the chocolate fudge on top of the ice cream bars. Spread portion of the whipped beating on top of the fudge.

Place the remaining ice cream bars on top of the main layer and rehash with layers of chocolate fudge sauce and whipped besting. Sprinkle the ground chocolate on top.

Cover and stop the cake for 60 minutes. Keep the unused part secured and solidified.


Singed Ice Cream Recipe: Mexican Fried Ice Cream Recipe

You’ll locate this enticing sweet served in numerous Mexican eateries. Take a stab at substituting caramel or butterscotch topping for the nectar. Additionally you can have a go at utilizing 2 sections cornflakes morsels blended with 1 section smashed vanilla wafers.

  • 1 quart vanilla ice cream
  • 3 glasses smashed cornflakes grain or cornflake pieces
  • 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
  • 3 egg whites
  • 2 quarts oil for profound searing

Make an IceCream Cake


Maraschino Cherries


Scoop out 8 wads of ice cream and place on a heating sheet, return ice cream balls to freezer and stop for 60 minutes, or until firm.

In a shallow bowl or dish, consolidate the cornflakes and the cinnamon. Roll each solidified ice cream ball in half of the cornflake blend, come back to freezer for 15 minutes.

In a different dish, beat the egg whites until frothy. Plunge each solidified ice cream ball in the egg whites, then move them in the remaining cornflake scraps. Ensure the ice cream is concealed totally. For thicker covering, rehash the procedure. Solidify ice cream balls for 3 hours or until firm.

When you are prepared to serve the ice cream, heat up the cooking oil in a profound fat fryer or substantial pan to 375 degrees.

Put every ice cream ball into a wire browning wicker bin or opened spoon. Sear maybe a couple of the balls at once for 10 to 15 seconds, until the covering is a brilliant cocoa shading. Channel on paper towels.


Make an IceCream Cake

You don’t have to visit your local bakery, grocery store, or even specialty dessert store to get the perfect ice cream cake for your party. Depending on the type of event you’re hosting, you can design your own homemade cake that will be tastier, more fun, and less expensive than anything you can pick out of a retail freezer. Here’s how you can make an icecream cake.

What you’ll need…

Cake pan/mold (get one that reflects the theme)

Plastic wrap

Three gallons of ice cream (mix and match your favorites)

Ice cream scoop

Bowl of warm water

Store bought frosting, optional

Fruit or candies for decoration

Cake plate

Let’s say you’re making it for a baby shower or infant’s birthday. You can get a cake mold in the shape of a teddy bear, rocking horse, baby, building blocks, whatever you can find at the store.

Take the cake pan and spread a very large piece of plastic wrap down on the inside of the mold. Press the plastic wrap into the design.

Allow ice cream to soften to room temperature before working with it. Take the first flavor (we’ll say strawberry) and scoop it into the mold until it’s completely full. Smooth out the ice cream. Then, dip the scoop into the warm water and remove the inner parts of the ice cream, leaving only a shell around the edges. Return unused ice cream to the container. Place first layer in the freezer for forty-five minutes.

Remove mold and add your second flavor (we’ll say chocolate.) Do the same with the second flavor as the first. Once the mold is full, remove the inner portion and return it to the carton, leaving a second shell of chocolate inside the strawberry. Return mold to freezer for another forty-five minutes.

Repeat steps with third flavor (we’ll say vanilla), only fill the entire middle with the remaining flavor. Then let the mold stay in the freezer for two to three hours to get good and solid.

Before you’re ready to serve, remove the mold from the freezer. Using the loose ends of the plastic wrap, lift it from the mold. This should come out easily. Flip the mold onto a cold cake plate. At this point, you can frost the cake with a store bought frosting or just leave it as it is. You can also spruce it up with candies, cherries, peppermints, drizzles of caramel, chocolate, or strawberry, or any of your other favorite toppings.


Serve immediately by slicing with a sharp knife dipped in warm water. Your guests will wonder how in the world you managed to make this. They’ll think you’re a culinary genius. You’ll never tell just how easy it was. So whether you are making the cake for a party, like a baby shower or birthday, or just for fun, just follow the simple steps above for a special treat that everyone will love.

There are a number of homemade ice cream makers available on the market, all working under the same principle: add ingredients to the machine while it stirs and mixes everything slowly in a cold container, and then freeze after the mixing has been completed. While the principle remains the same, the model you choose can affect the consistency, the amount made, and the time it takes to complete the process. The look, style, and price of the machines also vary from model to model, so be prepared to shop around and perform research to find the product that will best suit your needs.

There are many great reasons to buy an icecream maker for your home. First and foremost the number of flavors available at a grocery, while vast, are limited to what they feel is popular. With your very machine, you can add your own ingredients to get exactly what you want, which includes combinations not available at stores. Plus, adding your own ingredients gives you a healthier option if you choose to substitute healthier alternatives to sugar and cream. This is also great if you have special dietary requirements or consider yourself a vegan, as you can choose things that you know you are able to eat.

Ice cream makers are becoming more and more popular, and if you are not yet convinced take some time to think about the advantages of owning such an appliance. Not only is the product easy to use, it’s a fun project that can be shared with the whole family. You can make endless amounts of icecream in any flavor you choose and please even the most eccentric palates. You’ll be able to make your own sweet treats for birthday parties or special events which can save you a good chunk of change if you were planning on purchasing the store variety. All of the above are great reasons to consider purchasing an icecream maker for your home. If you are finally convinced, it’s time to get shopping.


A simple approach to making icecream in a bag

Lets get started, how to make icecream:

You will be needing:

  • 2 resealable plastic bags (ziplock) 1 gallon sized and 1 quart sized.
  • 1/2 c. of reduced fat or whole milk.
  • 1 1/2 – 2 tsp. sugar.
  • 1/2 tbsp. vanilla extract or 1 tbsp. cocoa powder
  • 2 trays of ice cubes or 4 – 6 cups of ice.
  • 6 tbsp. salt.
  • warm winter type gloves! You’ll see why soon.
  • optional: 1/4.c chocolate or butterscotch chips.
  • flavored syrups.
  • flavoring extracts.

Step by step instructions for this ice cream recipe:

Step 1: Put milk and sugar in the quart sized bag and seal it, milk first then sugar. For vanilla add the vanilla extract, for chocolate add the cocoa powder, and if you want to you could add in the 1/4 c. of chocolate or butterscotch chips. You can experiment with other flavors by adding in 1/2 – 1 tsp of flavored syrups like caramel or strawberry or even almond or lemon extracts.

Step 2: Put the ice and the salt in the gallon sized bag

Step 3: Put the smaller sized bag inside the larger bag and seal the larger bag.

Step 4: Shake the larger bag vigorously for 7 – 10 minutes. This is where you may want to use the gloves mentioned earlier because it gets cold! You can always put some music on and dance around a bit while doing this!

Step 5: Remove the small bag which will now contain ice cream! snip a whole with scissors in the corner of the bag and squeeze into a dish, all done!

A simple step by step method on how to make ice cream. Can be adapted as a really great and memorable sleepover ideas. This process can be done by each individual person at a sleepover or kids party and its one of those really fun and engaging activities for kids or teens.

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